Dear Future President,

After being exposed to the facts presented in the articles I read, a harsh realization came to me, a teenage white male, I have it easy compared to other people. Writing this paper and looking at the articles that contained such infuriating facts and statistics, I truly realized that I could be a lot worse off. I do not want my mother, sister and future daughter to have to be at a disadvantage just because of their gender at birth. I am advocating for a change. A change that will affect not only the empowering women in my life, but women all around the United States.

Assuming that a figure immersed in politics such as yourself, is generally informed of issues that are affecting the country whether they be positive or negative, I would like to discuss one such issue more in depth. From my days in preschool through the first month and a half of my Junior year in high school, there were only 23% of women with children aged 30 and above that were stay at home moms. The remaining 77% of women 30 and above with children were and still are all part of the workforce. Of those 77%, more than half of them are working to help support their families and stay above the poverty line. This daunting task can prove to be rather difficult for women, since according to a 2015 study by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, full time female employees make 79 cents to the dollar on what an average male full time employee makes, creating a gender wage gap of 21%.

When growing up, having a job can be a wonderful pain. Making real money and getting a check that you earned, every other week. Sacrificing time and gaining stress is the part that is a pain. Is it really worth it? Earning scrutiny from your teachers for not completing an assignment because you were tired. The responsibility of working a job, helps earn respect as well responsibility. For a teenage female, they may be questioning whether it is worth it a lot more so than a male peer, seeing as they statistically will not get a similar salary, which may create a more educational competitive mindset in order to make more than the average female as they grow older.

In a study from The Huffington Post, it was found that the U.S. is 28th in gender gap rankings, behind major countries such as Iceland, France and South Africa. Iceland ranks number 1  in the world in gender pay equality with France and South Africa coming in at 15 and 17 respectively. America is an amazing country that I am proud to call my home, but I don’t think it is the greatest country in the world, yet. In 2008, a large portion of Iceland’s economy(Big banks) collapsed leaving the country in poor shape. Just 8 years later, Iceland is closing in on where their economy once was building off of a base of a strong and educated workforce which consists of a 53% male and 47% female force. The recovery in Iceland was made possible by well educated and well paid women. In the United States, equality should be strived for in average salary since as seen in Iceland, without female workforce members, the economy would become much weaker and require lots more work. If we as Americans work to fight the gender wage gap, we can make a great country the greatest country with equality and freedom.

When I discuss women in the workforce, I am talking about all races, not just white female workers. In 2015, adding to the 79 cents per dollar claim, black women in the U.S. made only 63% of what a white male made, and for latina women, only 54%. These statistics show that over the course of a 40 year career, black women lose out on average, $877,000 while Latina women lose out on over 1 million dollars. When seeing these figures, the word ludacris comes to mind.

What I am attempting to do, is make a resounding argument in favor of equal pay among both genders and all races. I know this may not happen immediately in fact it would be very hard for immediate action, but steps in the right direction can be taken to have equal pay within the next decade.


Charles F.


This is the start of my blog for the 2016-2017 AP Lang class. My blog will be about music, music appreciation and different types/styles of music as well. The picture above is from a concert I went to during the summer of 2015. I’ve never had a blog before, so I’m really hoping this works out well, and I don’t find out that I am terrible at blogging



From Berger’s episode, there was one statement/concept that stuck out to me the most for confirming mine and my partner’s idea of art. “A picture or painting in our own homes is viewed/perceived differently than it is in a museum.” I completely agree with this theory and not just in paintings and pictures. I believe the same can be said for another human being. Usually if you are around someone both at and outside of school, they will be acting and thus perceived differently in each setting. Berger also stated that it is easier to relate ourselves/our own lives into a piece of art surrounded by a comforting environment. One of my partners said more along the lines of how a work of art can tie together a building or wall. I also believe this to be true, because in most situations, home is thought of as a warm and comforting environment that is made up of what is on the inside and on the walls. If you have the comforting feeling you have at home while you are admiring a piece of art, it will become much easier to find something relating to you or your surroundings. In class, my group and I discussed and created a question pertaining to all of our thoughts and notes. “How has the reproduction of art changed viewer’s opinions of the original. Our question ties in an emotional aspect and how the world is changing with media that allows reproduction and much easier viewing of once reviled pieces of art. An art I value about myself is my ability to speak. Depending on who I’m talking to or what situation I am in, I can pick up on the mood almost immediately and perform from there. To confront, apologize, help, encourage, etc. are all emotions I tend to be able to pick up quickly and easily appeal to when talking to an individual or a group.


I was told that over the summer the blog does not have to be about your topic, but just about your summer. My summer has been very eventful with sports, friends, travels and family. On July 14th, I left for France for 10 days. The trip to France was a compilation of the best 10 days of my life. Never have I done more activities or walked so much during the days and nights. Lots and lots of pictures were taken and a journal was kept as well to organize and write down all of the different activities and places we went to. The group from Royal Oak was just one of six groups totaling 50 people in all. The other groups were from Indiana, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Texas and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Being stuck around new people for 10 days and staying in the same hotels and sometimes even the same rooms as them allowed everyone to get much closer and form bonds in a foreign country with people I am proud to call new friends.